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For those who wish fully to explore the history of the breed, much has been written, many of which publications are listed on the British Manchester Terrier Club’s website, which itself contains a wealth of information about the breed from its origins in around 1500 to the present day.

Although you may simply like to know what it’s like to own a Manchester Terrier, it’s well worth spending a little time reading about its background, as it will offer some guidance about its wonderful temperament and characteristics. Here are the main points for your guidance:

The Manchester Terrier is an attractive, eye-catching dog, its smooth, jet black and mahogany tan coat adding to its sleek, elegant appearance. It is, however, a powerful dog, with substance.

The Kennel Club breed standard states that the ideal height at the shoulder is 41cms (16”) for dogs and 38cms (15”) for bitches.

The coat is close, smooth and glossy.

Genetic disorders are few and there is no evidence to suggest that, at present, there are any widespread problems in the UK.

Although reserved with strangers, once friends are accepted they are never forgotten. They are very affectionate and loyal with their own family - as can be seen from the adjacent photos! - and very good with children, but are sensitive and will readily rise to a perceived threat to themselves or their family (displaying courage rather than aggression). They have an impressive bark worthy of a much larger breed!

It must be remembered that the Manchester Terrier originated as a working dog capable of dispatching a large number of rats in a short time and that they continue to have a highly developed sense of sight, smell and hearing. Therefore, whilst they’ll happily live alongside the family cat(s), they may see those outside the home as something worth chasing!  

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